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Find Yourself using the Spirit + Mind = Body Equation!

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Spirit + Mind = Body Equation

Often we try to change our life by working on Mind or Body issues. Discover the missing link "Spirit". How to put Spirit first and what Spirit means!!

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Discover the tools used by Alternative Pathfinders!

Many tools can assist you on your journey to discovering Yourself, Your Spirit. Life Journey Coaching, Aromatherapy, Amethyst BioMat, Meditation and more. Let's find the tools that resonate with You!!

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Workshops, Classes, Sessions and more...

Want to learn more?? Check out the classes, workshops and sessions available to assist you in discovering your path and re-aligning with who you truly are....

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Melody has known me for over 9 years. She knows when my files are flying! So, she of course set the tone for the session by inviting me into conversation download to clear the predominant thoughts away and allow them to be safely placed on hold.

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