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2017 Review – 2018 Vision


Past review - Future vision2017 Review – 2018 Vision

What is our world coming to? What can I do to up-level my life? How can I make 2018 better?
Are you asking these questions or something similar?
2017 has been a rollercoaster ride for most of us and many are wondering what is going to happen in 2018. Are you looking at the positive aspects of 2017 and the possibilities of 2018 or does your mind focus on the negative. Perhaps your thoughts are in-between.
So let’s get together and talk about:
. What transpired in 2017 – Positive & Negative
. What we can let go of and what to honor
. What we want 2018 to look like
. How to align with the expanding energies of 2018
. And more…..
By coming together we can support one another, begin to release negative energy and envision a bright new future for ourselves and the world. Together we can create unlimited possibilities!

Free to all but a donations to support the space are appreciated.