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About Melody

Melody Bartone-HelmickOur Universe holds a myriad of alternative paths. As Spirits having a human experience, we often find ourselves on a path that does not fulfill us or leaves us feeling there is something missing, something more. Questions arise: “Why am I here”?, “What is my purpose?”, or perhaps, “I have all I need so why do I feel there’s something missing?”  So often we look outside of ourselves, to what seems to be working for another or we follow patterns and paths that were taught to us by family, society, religion and/or race consciousness and more. We fail to look within or to trust what we are inspired to do, who we dream of becoming. We let fear of failure, beliefs that we aren’t good enough or public pressure keep us stuck on a path that does not fill our Soul. Now it’s time to learn, YOU HAVE CHOICES!

Melody Bartone-Helmick is an Alternative Pathfinder and Life Journey Coach who utilizes specific formats and strategies along with customized aromatherapy and thermo therapy to assist on one’s journey in life, bringing one back into alignment with one’s own soul call and self-discovery. She is also an educator on the Spirit + Mind = Body Equation as well as Aromatherapy from the basics, clinical application, safety & storage to Essential Energetics. Her certifications include a Masters in Metaphysical Sciences with University of Metaphysical Sciences which includes a Ministerial Ordination, DreamBuilder Coach with Life Mastery Institute, Practitioner of Science of Mind and Clinical Master Aromatherapist with International Certified Aromatherapy Institute.  She is also a member of the National Association of Aromatherapy (NAHA) and American Herbalist Guild (AHA). Her own personal learning does not stop there for she is currently working on her Doctorate of Metaphysical Sciences and is a student of East West School of Herbology working to obtain her Professional Herbalist Certification covering Traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic and Western herbology.

Melody carries her own line of Essential Oils so she can ensure quality, testing, purity and freshness. She loves to create personal and custom blends with these quality oils to help others become more balanced.

Melody believes she has been on an alternative path since birth, often feeling misunderstood or unheard. That lead her to really begin to listen to her soul call around 1990 when she started on her own path, only to discover the Science of Mind principles, learning more about the Law of Attraction, and expanded world of Metaphysics. When health concerns arose, she found the wonderful healing powers of essential oils and how they can not only assist with ones health but assist in releasing old memories and emotions that no longer serve us. Now she is following her inner call and ready to share her insights and what she has learned with you.

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