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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Aromatherapy vs Essential Oils: Aren’t they the same?

Often I am asked, “Aren’t Aromatherapy and Essential Oils the same thing?”  The answer is often determined by whom  you ask.  For those of us who have studied the history of  Aromatherapy and/or Essential Oils, the answer is often, ‘It is the study and use of essential oils for the purpose of promoting physical and […]

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Does Your Life Fit You?

Hello Dear Ones! It may have been awhile since you started following my blog, signed up for my mailing list or to get more info on Coaching, Aromatherapy, Essential oils and more… Well, I have finally moved to my own space and feel I’m starting to get a handle on the what Alternative Pathfinders (and I) are meant to […]

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