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Building Dreams

Yeah! I’ve done it.  I am now a Certified DreamBuilder Coach with Life Mastery Institute founded by Mary Morrissey. 

Melody Bartone-Helmick with Mary Morrissey

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I chose Mary as my mentor for she lives by the same spiritual principles that I do, her love and belief in people and her desire to show them that they have far more potential than they may believe they have.  I also admire that she lets us know that she has a blackbelt in success and a blackbelt in failure.  I fully understand, for I too have had many successes and many failures in life, or at least what felt like failures in my human experience.  But it’s not really about the failures we have in life but what we do with them.  Do we allow them to keep us stuck in our current paradigm or do we use them to let us know that we need to make a change or course in our lives?

Thomas Eddison once stated:

 “I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  

He also said:

“Many of life failures are people who do not know how close they were to success when they gave up.”  

These quotes really helped me look at failures in a different light.  It is through our discomfort that we realize there may be more to life and we begin to discover what would make our lives richer and more fulfilling.

Often we stay stuck in a life that is tolerable or allows us to ‘get by’ instead of living the life we would love to live, because it’s easier and/or we can’t see how it would be possible.  There’s a gap between where we are and were we want to be.  We live a condition driven life instead of a vision driven life because, let’s face it, we are rarely taught to live from our Vision, our Dream of the Life we would love to live, or to believe in our own instincts.  We are taught that others have the answers to happiness and success.  We have lost faith in ourselves and who we really want to be.

Did you know you are more powerful than you can imagine?  You have a wealth of inspiration within you that is just waiting to be heard by you.

The DreamBuilder program has taught me to become more focused on what I want in life through Blueprinting and discovering the dream I would really love to live and, to make sure that the dream I envision is worthy of me.  It has assisted me in Bridging the gap, by befriending my fear, opening to more abundance and allowing Universe to assist me along the way.  It has taught me how to start Building that dream by living more from my Vision than conditions, and has allowed me to begin Harvesting what I have envisioned.

You can start on the path to your dreams by really becoming aware of the life YOU would love to live.

If Time, Age, Money, Gender, or any other condition you can think of, were not a factor, how would you like your Relationships to look like?  How about your Health?  Your Vocation?  Your Time/Money Freedom?  Start were your at and write it down.  If one area is more prevalent than another, then focus on it.  The key is to start envisioning the life YOU would love to live.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. cc says:

    Congrats.. thanks for sharing I just started the DB program so I have even started at lesson 2 now but the starting place and questions you wrote will help me dig deeper.. thanks and enjoy your new journey!! cc

    • MelodyB555 says:

      I am so proud of you for starting DreamBuilder and I’m very happy my questions have helped you in defining your vision. You cannot go wrong if you continue the process.