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My Truth or a Mask

What mask(s) can you remove in a supportive relationship (even the one with Yourself)?

Throughout our life we try on many masks. Some we easily discard, some we maintain because they feel right but often there are some we maintain for appearances sake but, they do not represent who we really are.

A woman may wear the mask of happy soccer mom, when there’s fear and abuse at home.  A bully may wear a mask of self-confidence and bravado, while inside there’s insecurity and low self-esteem. A man or woman may wear the mask of doting partner to someone of the opposite sex, when they’re actually attracted to others of the same sex.  Yet others may wear the mask of atheist or spiritualist, when the true religion they embrace is not accepted by the society in which they live.

Unfortunately, when we maintain a mask due to fear of rejection, retaliation and/or nonacceptance by another (or society at large), we do not allow those who would love us (just the way we are) to see us. Maintaining the mask locks us in a prison where we cannot live. You may be able to survive, but it’s so much better to really LIVE!

I remember a time, on my spiritual journey, when I had to make a choice between the calling within my soul and the masks of wife, sister and friend.  I was on the path of obtaining a ministerial ordination in a trans-denominational field. My husband was fearful of how I would change and threatened to end the marriage because of this fear. I had a fear that family and friends would not understand, for I had been raised in a religion where women were not ministers. Still, there was a call in me that said I must go on and step through this fear, if I wanted to discover who I truly am.  I did decide to follow my Soul’s call by reminding myself of my favorite quote, “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it’s yours.  If it doesn’t, it never was.”

I realized I could never really LIVE if I live in fear of being who I Am.  If those I loved really loved me back, they would still be there throughout my self-discovery, if not, then I would discover those who could.   What I did discover was a new strength within myself and this strength became a trait that is now admired by my husband, friends and family.  Yes, most of my fears of rejection were unfounded and only ‘my’ insecurities.  Did I loose a few along the way?  Yes, and that makes me sad but, I am living more fully in my own skin and discovering that I can remove the mask(s) that no longer serve me for I now know who supports me and accepts me as I am (faults and all), but most important, as I embrace who I am, I am experiencing a deeper love within.

Removing a mask for you,
Melody ;o)

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