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Healers Circle

Healers Circle


Healer’s Circle

2nd Tuesday of each month at  6:30pm

held at ‘Alternative Pathfinders’

 4045 Spencer St B26D, Las Vegas, NV 89119

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Healer, Heal Thyself!”. Often as a healer, we feel a strong pull to help others and often put ourselves on the back-burner.

This is a discussion and support group where healers of all types can come together and network, share ideas, be inspired and feel supported. Perhaps you want to know more about healing modalities that are available.

This group is open to all practitioners in the healing profession, be it Alternative, Complimentary, Health Care or just feel the call to be one.

$10.00 Energy Exchange is suggested to help support the Space.

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Melody Bartone-Helmick

Melody Bartone-Helmick is a certified DreamBuilder Coach with the Life Mastery Institute.  She also has a Masters in Metaphysical Sciences and is an Ordained Minister through the Wisdom of the Heart church.  She started Alternative Pathfinders to help remind us to follow the path of our heart and soul and not the path chosen for us by others.  She believes everyone has unlimited potential and are only held back by the paths we choose to take.  Her passion is to assist those who are searching in discovering their own unique pathway through life.