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Spirit + Mind = Body Equation


Often we hear or see the terms Body – Mind – Spirit or Mind – Body – Spirit but rarely do we see Spirit – Mind – Body with Spirit first.  Why is that?  Why do we put Spirit last?  Perhaps it reminds us of religion where we are often taught that listening to Spirit is for those in religious authority and that they will share this wisdom with us.  We become reliant on others and don’t realize that we also have the power to connect with Spirit.  Perhaps it’s because we don’t know what Spirit is.

Is it Soul?  Is it something outside ourselves?  Is it the Holy Trinity? Is it Jesus, Buddha, Allah?  Is it God?

What if I were to say “It’s all of these things and more!”

Spirit is the very essence of who we are.  It is our connection with All That Is, Cosmic Energy, Universal Source, Higher Power, God, whatever name that resonates with you.  When you feel there’s something more, something bigger than yourself, you are thinking of Spirit.  In Quantum Physics you may see it as energy that manifests as mass and mass that is full of energy.  It is personal to each one of us yet it connects us together.  It is so much more than words can express that is awes us and perhaps scares us at the same time.  These are some of the very reasons we put Spirit last for it’s something that cannot be fully explained.  We may feel it is bigger than us and that we aren’t worthy.  But, Spirit is a part of each one of us, something that is individually felt, an inner knowing, and when we really tap into it, a feeling of belonging, strength, and knowledge.

So, what is the Spirit + Mind = Body Equation?

When we put Spirit first, not only our own personal but that to which it is connected to (we’ll call it our connection to Universal Source and you can put in the name that best fits your belief system) then we become more aligned in our emotions and the energy we feel around us.  When we add this alignment to changing our thoughts to more positive ones, releasing those thoughts and/or beliefs that no longer serve us, then our physical expression begins to align itself.

You have the ability to change your life.  You are a unique expression of Universal Source.  I see you as perfect Just The Way You Are.  

Now, it’s time to begin to see that perfection within Yourself.