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Category Archives: Life’s Journey

My Truth or a Mask

What mask(s) can you remove in a supportive relationship (even the one with Yourself)? Throughout our life we try on many masks. Some we easily discard, some we maintain because they feel right but often there are some we maintain for appearances sake but, they do not represent who we really are. A woman may […]

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Does Your Life Fit You?

Hello Dear Ones! It may have been awhile since you started following my blog, signed up for my mailing list or to get more info on Coaching, Aromatherapy, Essential oils and more… Well, I have finally moved to my own space and feel I’m starting to get a handle on the what Alternative Pathfinders (and I) are meant to […]

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Building Dreams

Yeah! I’ve done it.  I am now a Certified DreamBuilder Coach with Life Mastery Institute founded by Mary Morrissey.  I chose Mary as my mentor for she lives by the same spiritual principles that I do, her love and belief in people and her desire to show them that they have far more potential than […]

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And the Waltz Goes On

We come into this world as brilliant, beautiful spiritual and human beings with special gifts and talents to share with the world but, more often than not, our light begins to fade because we begin to believe what others say instead of continuing to believe in ourself, our passions, our desires.  I know I have […]

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